the one who runs it all


April 11, 2021 — jnats
salyut.one is an all-purpose, small pubnix running freebsd 13.0-release
made and set up by ~jnats (me!) on 04/04/2021 !

we are currently accepting sign-ups !
just email jnats@salyut.one with:
  • your preferred username
  • your reason for joining
  • your public (id_*.pub) ssh key

and you should hear back within a day or two !

in the meantime, check out our userlist and knowledgebase!


April 11, 2021 — jnats

20 users !!
maybe something big soon..?


April 11, 2021 — jnats

what is a pubnix ?? where am i ??

fear not ! the answer is quite simple:

a pubnix is a public, unix-like server that you can sign up for! what exactly you can do with it, is up to whoever made the pubnix !

salyut.one is a general-purpose pubnix, this means, that, as long as you're not doing anything malicious, harmful, hateful or too resource/storage intensive, you're free to do as you please !

while you're here, check the ~news, ~wiki, or check out individual wiki articles below: