reporting live from the salyut one

~irc reshuffle

June 12, 2021 — jnats
hi everyone ! sorry for the radio silence, but i'm still alive and i'm still planning some cool new stuff for salyut.one !

for now, i would like to greatly thank ~g1n for helping us set up and sort out our IRC situation !

a sneak peek for what's coming next is hidden somewhere on this page, let's see if you can find it ;)

~freebsd 13.0-release !

April 20, 2021 — jnats
that's right !
one day and 50 years ago, the salyut one space station first launched... and exactly today, we have finally made the update to 13.0 :)

to those who know what that means, great !
to those who don't, it's a special occasion :)

keep looking forward to new features, and ciao! ;)


April 20, 2021 — jnats
happy 4/20 ;)

new stuff has happened !
we hit the 10 member goal, and so, i opened up a feature request, (as seen in previous post)
i'll keep a list of things i've changed up here on this post, and i'll update it as i go along !
  • irc moved from freenode to tilde.chat
  • rsync installed (~generic)
  • figlet installed (~generic)

any slightly more important news, will be added in separate posts :)
let's aim for 20 next? ;)

~first news

April 19, 2021 — jnats
https://salyut.one/~news is live !

now that we're at the aforementioned 10 member goal, i think i'll start actually putting work and effort into getting this set up :)

email me at jnats@salyut.one with package/feature suggestions !
we want the best user experience, after all !