this is how we do it.

~what do i do on salyut.one ?

April 14, 2021 — jnats
there are many, many things you can do once registered on salyut.one !

we have a mailserver set up, and you can find instructions on how to access it at ~mailserver stuff !

you can set up a personal website by editing the files in ~/public_html , and a full list of current tools/commands can be seen below:


  • finger - get information on a given user !
  • chfn - change your user information
  • who - get a list of logged in users
  • weechat - simple, cli-based irc client !
  • irc - shell script to launch weechat onto our irc
  • bbj - simple, python bulletin board !


  • lynx - terminal web browser !
  • bb - bash-based blog generator (found in ~/public_html/bb.sh)
  • neomutt - send and receive mail !


  • nethack - the classic tty roguelike, nethack !
  • botany - tend to your plants !
  • dwaffortress - play dwarf fortress ! (still experimental)

any other info-based commands are found in the motd, or on this website itself !

have fun !

~mailserver stuff

April 13, 2021 — jnats
once registered for an account, you are automatically given a fully-functional, ssl/tls encrypted salyut.one email address !

once logged in, all you have to do to use it is to run "neomutt" to view inbound mail and create outbound mail

however, i understand that it might not be the most convenient way to read your mail, which is why we have imap set up to connect your salyut.one email to your favourite client !

simply navigate to add a new account, select imap, and set up for these configurations:

imap config:

  • hostname: salyut.one
  • port: 143
  • username: your salyut.one username
  • password: your salyut.one password (you should have received this in your confirmation email, and hopefully changed it by now)


  • email address: username@salyut.one
  • smtp hostname: salyut.one
  • encryption: starttls
  • port: 587
  • username & password same as above

once all has been set up, hopefully, you should be able to send and receive email!

if it doesn't, let me know at jnats@salyut.one , and i'll try to fix it !

~how do i obtain a public ssh key?

April 13, 2021 — jnats


this part of the guide also works on termux (android terminal emulator) and wsl (windows subsystem for linux)
  1. install any ssh client, preferrably openssh, with whatever package manager you have installed
  2. run "ssh-keygen", for maximum security make sure to set a strong passkey, and try to follow sane defaults
  3. congrats ! your public ssh key should be located as ~/.ssh/id_*.pub (the * will be the encryption you chose during ssh key creation)


  1. follow same steps as linux/unix
  2. congrats ! your public key will be under /Users/username/.ssh/id_*.pub


  1. open the windows settings panel, and navigate to apps
  2. in the apps & features tab, head into optional features
  3. scroll down the list and look for "openssh client"
  4. if listed, good, skip step 5
  5. if not listed, select "add a feature", then scroll down, clicl on "openssh client" and click install
  6. open a command prompt/terminal of your choosing (cmd.exe works) in privileged/administrator mode
  7. run "ssh-keygen", follow the same guidelines as linux/unix step 2
  8. congrats ! if all has gone well, your public ssh key should be under C:\Users\username\.ssh\id_*.pub
make sure to send only the .pub file and never the private key !

once you have your ssh key added and have received an email notifying you of your account being created, just use "ssh username@salyut.one" to connect !

have fun !